Linktrack error [solved]

¡Hi! Sorry for my English :wink:

I have an error in my latest campaings.

When i put a this link:

http:// www

The link the lintracker translate it to this:

When i click on this link the web explorer redirect me to this links:

PHPList: 3.2.1

What’s wrong?

Thaks in advance :wink:

@Juanmi [quote=“Juanmi, post:1, topic:1043”]
What’s wrong?

What actually is the problem?

¡Hi duncanc!

Thnks for your reply. The problem is this part of the link:


The last part.

You can check this link:

This is the original:

An this is the link of PHPList:

These have been added to the URL for Google Analytics. When you composed and sent the campaign you must have selected “add Google Analytics tracking code” on the final tab.

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duncanc, sorry for the inconvenient.

The last campaing was sent by a coworker and he ticked the Google Analitycs radio button.

It’s the first time that I see this links.

Sorry an thanks for the reply :wink:

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