Links in email failing when linking back to domain phplist is hosted on

Version 3.0.12 (Just upgraded and didn’t have this issue before)

It seems that the tracking links are sometimes doing something odd. I have an email with 15 links in, 12 are to external sites, and all work except for 1. All links to my pages get same issue where it takes me back to my site but to a page not found screen.
The HTML coding looks correct, so it looks like a tracking link issue.

Please let me know if I can provide any more info. Also I could do with sending an eamil within the next 24 hours so maybe turning this feature off would be an option?

Many tanks…

The click tracking URL seems to be
Trying just the URL gives “page not found”, so it looks like you are using the wrong domain or directory.

What is the URL you use to access phplist?

Hi thanks for replying. It’s that /lists that I don’t understand as the link that is in the html of the campaign is /tickets.
The phplist setup is at /maillist

I’ll message you the logins if you fancy a look?

I may have misunderstood your problem. Whereabouts did you get the URL that you showed

Where does come into this?
Part of that URL is a phplist URL for click tracking
which decodes to

But you say that phplist is installed in /maillist not /lists. If so then I don’t understand how any of the click tracking links are working.

If I then send that message to a email address when clicking the /tickets link goes through to the /list place and then an error. It’s also doing it with one external link.
I have set the config paths to /maillist and this is how it was setup before the upgrade and worked fine.
I could understand it if it wasn’t inconsistent in which links work. But this just seems odd.

Can you show the exact html from the email sent by phplist corresponding to the event above? Use the </> icon on the toolbar so that it is displayed as fixed format text.

Hi Duncan, here you go…

html removed as not relevant

That doesn’t correspond to the problem that you described. None of the URLs have been modified by phplist for click tracking.

I guess that you have used the wrong value for $pageroot in the config file. The default is

$pageroot = '/lists';

whereas you have installed phplist in /maillist.
I suggest checking that value, then composing a new campaign to a test list to see whether the same problem happens.

Also, phplist does not track links where the link text looks like a URL. So almost all of the links on the web page that you are sending will not be tracked, for example this one:

<a class="nonblock" href="" target="_blank"></a>

So most of the links are going to work, and the ones that don’t work are those that go to phplist with the wrong directory within the URL.

In the config_extended.php file I have $pageroot = '/maillist'

I’ve only been doing the HTML route because when I go to send a web page it strips all of the formatting out so looks nothing like the page is intended. I might have to go back to that and see what that issue is as this resolves the links.

phplist does not use the config_extended.php file.
See this other topic V3: config.php vs config_extended.php files

Duncan, you may have just saved my sanity there! Let me just retest and I’ll confirm that’s it, which it almost certainly is!

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Duncan, I really appreciate you pointing this out. I really thought those files worked together!
That has solved my issue completely.

Many thanks :slight_smile:

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Perhaps an extra note for the manual? @doooford did you use the manual for install instructions? Or something else?