Links are broken in the phplist websit

Hi - fresh install. Everything seemed to go just fine. The site works and emails even sent.

However, the tip/hints/topics (whatever you call them the little “i” icon in the orange circle for tips at each field) they don’t load anything. I just get a popup window with a spinning phplist icon . . . indefinitely spinning.

Also, when I click on the “UPDATE” menu item, I am presented with “404 Page Not Found.”

Did I accidentally break something in the install or what could be the issue?


@drosengarden please explain how you installed phplist.

I put the lists folder in public htnl. I then went to the admin folder (in browser) and phplist took me though setup.

how did you get the “lists” folder? From where did you download it?

GitHub I believe - I received an email that a new update has been released. I clicked it and downloaded the package.

@drosengarden The code on Github is for development only. It doesn’t contain the help text nor the updater. You need to install the code by following the download button on

OK will do—thanks for the help!

Just to be clear, the D/L link at takes me to SourceForge, correct?

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@drosengarden Yes that’s correct.