Link to ToS in Attribute

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How can I add a link to my Terms of Service with the new “default attribute” = “Terms of Service”?

Mantis Issue #19003 created a new default attribute requiring users to tick a checkbox that they’ve read our Terms of Service.

The default text for this attribute is

"I agree to the terms of service of <website_domain>".

I would like to change the text of this attribute to:

I agree to the <a href="">OSE Privacy Policy</a>.

But when I try to edit the attribute (“Config” -> “Configure attributes” -> change the contents of the input field next to “Tag Name” -> “Save changes”), my html is stripped from the attribute’s Tag Name :frowning:

Is this a bug? Is there a workaround for this? What have other people done to ensure that they actually provide access to their ToS/PP when mandating that their users agree to it?


Somewhat related, the link is broken to phplist’s Privacy Policy within your Terms & conditions page:

It links to:

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Thanks for that, corrected link to correct page.

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fyi, I created a mantis bug about this here:

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@maltfield, do you have any solution? I can’t see issue #19436 ins Mantis.

Manual says: “Consider adding a required consent checkbox which links to your legal policies” ( but I don’t know how to do this.