Link to subscription page with email or userid

Haven’t found any specific details regarding posible get parameters to send to my subscriptions pages.
For a promo campaign I’ve created a special landing page with only a new list that I would like subscribers to join.

If I send them to the [PREFERENCESURL] they could add that new list but it involves them refilling (second email validation field) their email and then selecting the new special list and I am not too happy with it.

I was hoping I could send them to my new alternative subscription page with only one list, special design and only requesting their email.

I’ve figured out (just by testing) I can add an email= as a parameter to the URL to prefill the form, so I’ve managed to include on the content:[EMAIL]

But I was wondering if I could do the same with some for of USERID or any other attributes I have on that subscription page. In the first case I would also need a [USERID] or similar placeholder that I don’t see either documented.

And also in this case, how would the confirmation work?
I mean, in case I’ve configured the subscription page to “Send this subscriber a request for confirmation…” and the subscriber already exists, would that confirmation email be sent?

Alternatively… any other suggestion on how to invite subscribers to join a new list on a special landing/promo page?


As an update I’ve only just noticed that adding the “email=” parameter only fills in the placeholder on the input field but not the input itself so the client still has to fill it in manually or the JS validation gets activated. :confused:

Alternatively any way to get the subscriber to join simply by replying a special email address on the campaign?

@luison The Subscribers plugin provides a placeholder to add the subscriber to a specific list. You would include that placeholder in your campaign, not use a subscribe page. See

Thanks @duncanc that is solution. Funny enough I had just yesterday installed the plugin.
I just have an issue with the message if the user is already subscribed:

To change your details and to choose which lists to be subscribed to, visit your [preferences](https://lXXXXXXXXXXXXX/?p=preferences&uid=cf57363d77ec3924560fd54de19aec6d) page.

Is that embeded in the plugin? We happen to have everything in two languages so in some cases (attribute) the language of the user might not be English.

@luison the plugin code will need to be reworked to support translations, I will look into that. phplist public pages, such as subscribe, preferences, use the language selected for subscribe page. Is that how you support two languages?

Yes, each lists has it’s own variation of the subscription page. Thanks.

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@luison I have changed the plugin to support translation of text that is displayed on public pages. You will need to update the plugin and also update Common Plugin.
See for an explanation of how to provide text in another language.

I am still looking at a way to allow you to rephrase some text. That can be done through the translations but such changes would be overwritten when upgrading the plugin, so you would need to re-apply the changes each time.

Thanks. Sound great, I will test it over the next few days and come back if any issues.

I imagine this is a wider decision, but I would suggest considering some form of translation standard maybe at least for the plugins area or those derived from the common plugin in the style of Wordpress by using a gettext library like

Not that I think the system is ideal as any change on an update forces you to redo the translations but it definetively a simple way of supporting any language without having to touch code.

Thanks again.