Link in attributes

Documentation says: “If your subscribers sign up to phpList directly using subscribe pages, widgets, or custom forms: Consider adding a required consent checkbox which links to your legal policies (⇮phpList-3.3.3)” []

But it is currently impossible to add a link in a attribute, because phpList (v3.5.7) strips the HTML after saving the field in Config > Configure attributes.

So, how can I enable the feature to add links in attributes?

@gellert.gyuris I think that you need to have an attribute such as the predefined default “Terms of Service” and separately add a link to the terms of service somewhere on the subscribe page.

Thank you @duncanc for the replay. I tried to insert it into the subscribe page:

  • Intro: displayed in all subscribe pages under the title. Cannot be used for this purpose. :frowning:
  • Header: similar… :frowning:

Do you have any idea where to insert?

There is a detailed workaround for including HTML tags is attributes: Link to ToS in Attribute

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