Line entries in exported database contain odd entries

Hello. Phplist v3.6.15.

When I bulk export phplist database of users I’m seeing a few odd entries. In the ID column there is no entry, n the email column there is the name of the list, in the ‘is the subscriber confirmed’ column there is the domain name, and other columns have information that does not reference the type of entry for that colunm.

There are only a very few of these types of entries and I’m wondering how I can delete them from the active phplist database.

The exported spread sheet I don’t care about but these look like erant entries.

I would suspect that this happened due to a list import that went wrong…
Anyways, you could search the database Email field for the listnames, and delete those records. It would most likely be easier using sql commands directly on the database.
Another possibility is to install the subscribers plugin, and see if that could look up and delete the subscribers.