Limiting no. of Emails being sent by phpList?

I would like to know if i can restrict the no. of emails being sent by phplist to my email subscibers.

Suppose i want to only put a limit of 100 emails to be sent to totally. How would i be able to achieve this?

Is this even possible?


There is not a ‘global limit’ setting to the number of emails that are sent to any given subscriber.
The only way this would be possible at the moment is to write a script that reads the database directly and would unusubscribe or blacklist the subscriber once the limit is reached. Run the script at whatever period you want by setting up a cron job to execute it.

I am an amateur programmer who just knows a little basics of php.
So i am not to familiar with some of the code used in the files.
This is the solution that i thought of earlier:
Is there a way to check for the total number of emails sent to all my subscribers lists store it in a variable.
Then if the value of that variable exceeds a certain value defined by me. And i put in a condition to notify me on my email id that this has happened.
Will it work and notify me on my email id?
And if yes how should i go about doing this?

Thanks in advance.

Why would you want to have a limit on the total number of emails sent?
Then what happens, phplist never sends any more emails again? Or do you mean a limit on the number of emails sent for an individual campaign?

You will need to explain more clearly what you are trying to do. If you are considering using phplist as a service for your clients then I suggest contacting, the hosted service, as there may be a way to act as a reseller.

Yes i am thinking of using phpList as a service.
So say i want my clients to send only ‘x’ no, of emails for a particular duration say ‘y’ months.
so once that limit is reached i want to reset the data and start over again.
say i want my client to send 100000 for a period of 6 months. Now whichever limit is reached first i must get notified, so that i can ask them to renew this service if they would like to.
This is what i want to achieve.

That is what already does with phplist but their changes are not available. You can probably implement the limits on emails using a plugin, but, unless someone knows the phplist code very well and is very experienced with php, I would not recommend trying to do that.

As I suggested, the simplest approach is to contact to find out whether you can resell their service.

Thank you very much for your help.