Limit nr of emails sent to a subscriber in a period of time

Hello everyone,

I dont know if this is the place to start this discussion.
I am interested in limiting the number of emails (can be one or different campaigns, doesnt matter) to be sent to a subscriber in a given time.
So lets say that I have subscriber 1 sign up on Monday and I do some campaigns to my subscribers, and then I have subscriber 2 sign up on Tuesday. And I do some campaigns again:

  1. I might start a new campaign (because each campaign has statistics after it is completed)
  2. I dont want to sent that same (or different) campaign again to subscriber1.

is there a way to configure in PhpList, how many emails can be sent to any subscriber in a given campain (or globally across all campaigns) in a given time frame like a week or month ?


@martizast phplist doesn’t do that.

If your intention is to send a campaign to only those subscribers who have not been sent an earlier campaign then you can try the Segment plugin, see plugin:segment [phpList Resources]

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this looks exactly like what I need / you are a life savior.