LDAP Authentification


I would like to add LDAP authentification for the admin part of phplist. I am using the version 3.2.6
Is there a plugin or some hack to add this feature ?

Thank you for your help !

@romgo There is this plugin https://github.com/brenard/phplist-casldap-plugin but I don’t know how well it works.

Thank you.
I will give a try.

I just installed the plugin, put some configuration, and now I don’t see anymore login screen.
I’m getting error 500 on the webserver.

If someone already achieve to configure this, please let me know !



this moring I don’t have any error 500 but I see in firefox debug mode that the following request is Aborted :

Does this mean something to you guys ?


I had a talk with the developper of this plugin, and this plugin is not made for this :

No, this plugin is only for an authentification using CAS Service and
LDAP is only used after to retrieve user’s informations and superuser

I’ve hit this problem too, updating from 3.2.4 to 3.2.7 and later.
So I’ve decided to give a try at migrating the old patch into a plugin.
See it on Github: https://github.com/digital-me/phplist-plugin-ldap