Layout sugestion for phpList and Youtube button

Is there an specific place for this kind of suggestion ? if not here, please, let me now.

I would like to sugest something that is usefull for marketing professionals.

The first thing we need to now is how good (or bad) our campaings are performing. Can the first screen be automatically “advanced statistics” ?

When i open PHPList, the first thing that i see is this “administration page”, is there a possibility to change that ?

Second, PHPList actually is a good tool for marketing professionals, but marketing professionals usually don’t have time to read, marketing routine job is FAAAAAAAST and non-stoping usually.

I can’t manage to find you guys youtube channel… my suggestion (also you can run ads on the channel and $ monetize - Youtube is the place were marketing go find new and fast marketing tools) :

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Sorry for the poor print, did this on 30 seconds just to example

I don’t think there is one though @danwaterloo (one of our consultations) does have some phpList videos on his channel

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