Language issue, phplist 3.4

Hi, I just did a phplist 3.4 installation
Everything went well; but I want the Spanish language and the panel appears in English.
The “config.php” says:
// DH Configs
$pageroot = ‘/lista’;
$adminpages = ‘/lista/admin’;
$language_module = ‘’;

Where do I change this?
Many thanks!

Hi, there, in config.php there is a Miscellaneous part, and there is $default_system_language.

So you just have to place $default_system_language = ‘es’;

Please try and let me know your experience.

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“Initialising phpList in your language, please wait.”

It has been perfect.
Thank you!!

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How can I stop it since I live in a Latin Country but don’t want to use it for my projects. Any help it starting to get to me…

Hi, the default language is set to English. You can change the language for the interface using the dropdown at the bottom of the left panel.

Ty but the issue was that it kept popping up stating that it was loading my Language but it never went away. anyway thank you. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: