Keeping Campaign data for subscribers between lists

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Hello. I’m trying to figure out how to retain the Campaign data for emails sent to subscribers when moving between various lists. I’m sure I may not be doing something correctly so thought I’d reach out to see if there was a easy fix for solution or this.

My problem is this: I have all new subscribers in a list called New Response. When I decide to reach out to say 100 subscribers on this list, I create a new list with the campaign name and date. I then move (and have tried copying) the subscribers from the New Response list to the ready-to-send campaign list.

After sending the campaign, I have the campaign data present in that sent campaign list, but when I eventually delete that sent Campaign or move the subscribers, the data is deleted as well.

Is there a way to remedy this?

So in a nutshell, I’ve tried moving (or copying) subscribers from New Response list. Then if the campaigns are responded to they go to the 03 Warm List. If not, they go to the 02 NOT OPENED list.

Either way, the Campaign data from the initial send is not retained. Apologies for the long-wind. Appreciate if someone might be able to chime in on this. Thanks all.

If you delete a campaign then all the data associated with it, such as opens and link clicks, is also deleted. What are you expecting?
Merely moving a subscriber from one list to another should not affect the statistics of campaigns sent to that subscriber.

Hello @duncanc. Apologies for being clear enough. I understand what you’re saying about deleting campaigns and the subsequent data on opens, clicks, etc.

What I want to know is how I can retain the information below in the screenshot below:

Is there a way to keep that historical campaign data - not opens, or clicks or anything like that, but the Campaign names/date information when I MOVE subscribers between different lists?

I hope this makes sense, as when I move this subscriber in the example above to a NEW list, it then shows below:

If I can solve this by never deleting any Campaigns, than perhaps there is a way to Archive them to retain this data?

Thanks again so much for your help.

@nathanlang What you are showing is the open and click data. Deleting a campaign results as if the campaign never existed. There’s no way to “snapshot” the statistics, which is what you might be describing.

OK @duncanc I think I got it now: Deleting ANY campaign - results in all the data lost for that particular campaign - irrespective of what list the Subscriber belongs to is that right?

Which means I can either keep the Campaign forever (to know the know how many campaigns and date/times I sent to a Subscriber, or delete the Campaign and lose the information for only that campaign.

Does that about sum it up?

@nathanlang Yes that’s right.

Got it now thanks! Is there a way to archive a campaign (so that it no longer shows) up in the list of Campaigns?

Thanks again for your help and clarification on this.

@nathanlang No, there isn’t a way to archive campaigns.

Gothch, thanks again so much @duncanc!