KCFinder permission error


Recently I updated phpList to version 3.5.6 and my webhoster updated php to version 7.4. Now I got the error that I don’t have te permission to browse the server when I want to add an image to the server when I use this button:


I found this topic, but without solution for me:

Can anybody confirm that is KCFinder working well (without changing the config.php file from the KCFinder plugin) with phpList 3.5.6 and php 7.4?


@CD130 Did you upgrade phplist using the automatic updater? If so then this earlier topic explains what to do

Otherwise, closing and reopening the browser should have been sufficient.

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Many thanks for your response!! This is the solution for me :slight_smile:

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Same problem here. I updated PHPLIST manually, than CKEditor manually. Fiddled with settings etc.
Than did the trick with master.zip. No solution.
Browsing the server says 403 FORBIDDEN.
Same thing when I want to upload a file.
Stuck like glue now…php dirs

uploadimages and images have 766 permissions
I created two levels to see what happened, but no luck.

@Ronald this is apache permissions, through .htaccess, not file system permissions. I guess that you have not copied an .htaccess file when manually upgrading phplist or the plugin.

Yes I did copy the .htaccess file.
What should I look for?


Which file are you referring to? phplist has .htaccess files in lists and lists/admin and elsewhere. The plugin has .htaccess in lists/admin/plugins/CKEditorPlugin/kcfinder

Otherwise try reinstalling phplist manually. That will include the latest plugin so there is no need to update that again.

I have all three .htaccess files.
I will reinstall one more time manually.
I’ll get back when done.

Reinstalling done.
Same problem, no access to server FORBIDDEN 403

Dinner time now.
See what I can do this evening to get it going.
Why is it so difficult…


@Ronald Do you have access to the web server log files? They should give some information about which file is being accessed and rejected.

Yes, but I have to wait until midnight when the files are generated.
Isn’t there a simple guide how to set up this editor thing? You cannot create decent html pages without pics.

Anyway, tomorrow I have access to log files.


@Ronald You should not have needed to change anything. If the file browser was working before the upgrade then, apart from the problem with using the automatic updater, then it should have worked after the upgrade of phplist.

You can find the documentation of the ckeditor plugin by following the “documentation” link on the Manage Plugins page.

If you can give me temporary access to the web server and phplist then I can take a look to try to see what is happening.

Thanks for reaching out!
How do I mail you privately to send the login details?


@Ronald Click on @DuncanC’s name or profile image in the post above yours, and there are his contact details along with a Message option at the top right.