Kcfinder passes wrong path to ckeditor


I have a strange problem in the editor.

When I installed phpList several years ago, i put all in the root directory. Now the autoupdater complains about the uploadimages-dir.

So I put all except the image-dir in a list-folder, adjust the page-root-config and all the paths in the config-page. Obviously I overlook something.

In the editor everything works fine. I can upload images, I see the thumbnails, but when insert an image the returned path contains the /list/ part, so the image is not found. I can change the path by hand, and everything works fine … but this a little bit ugly.

Does anybody has an idea, which config I have to change?

grettings, volker

actual I use phpList 3.4.7

@volker what value do you have for UPLOADIMAGES_DIR in config.php?

@duncanc: define(‘UPLOADIMAGES_DIR’, ‘uploadimages’);

@volker Thanks. What are the values for $pageroot in config.php and for “website address” on the phplist Settings page?

I found my error. Under Website-Address in the general settings, I added the path (/list/). If I remove it, everything went well. Thank you very much!

grettings, volker