Kcfinder auf IONOS-Host (1und1) meldet: "Fehlende Berechtigung"

Habe auf meinem IONOS-Host phplist installiert. Bei der Verwendung des CKEditorPlugin sowie des “fckphplist” wird bei der “Bilder suche auf denServer” die Fehlermeldung “Fehlende Berechtigung” angezeigt.
Habe die Hinweise im Forum beachtet, jedoch ohne Erfolg.
Bitte um Hilfe
Gruß pschmili

@pschmili there is something wrong with your setting for the image upload directory.

What is the value for UPLOADIMAGES_DIR in your config file?

@pschmili In your screenshots there appear to be “smart quotes” which do not work with php. You need to use single quotes '

@pschmili Possibly a problem with the php session. Are you using customised php session settings? That will not work with the plugin and kcfinder.


@pschmili Yes I think that is the correct line to change. But be aware that it makes file upload available to anyone, not restricted to the phplist admin.

It looks like the KCFinder project has now been abandoned. The code has not been updated for several years but now the main web site does not exist.

Unfortunately without function.
Is there another solution to insert pictures into the newsletter? (HTML code e.g.

<img “src=“images/image.jpg” alt=“1024x768” />

” does not work either)

@pschmili You need to use the full url for the image in the src attribute.

okay, here’s how it works.
Too bad that the KCFinder is not to be used.