I've lost my owners

I’m trying to start up a mailing list service for the non-profits in my area (a county somewhat larger than Delaware) I’ve created lists for “Crisis Center Terlingua” and “Crisis Center Alpine” but can’t seem to find where / how to set the owners of each list. In 3.0.3 which Bluehost installs it’s on the page where you create the list; on 3.3.3 I can’t seem to find it at all.

Would someone please tell me how to set an owner as I don’t want the “Church of Terlingua” to be able to send campaigns to people on the “Crisis Center Alpine” list.

If I’m completely off base with what I’m asking, please educate me - 3.0.3 worked nicely but some of the changes in 3.3.3 made me upgrade (uninstall / manual install) to it.

The keyword you should use for researching permissions for different administrators is ‘sub admins’. It looks like this functionality may not be documented in the manual yet ( feel free to submit new documentation to that section of this forum!) but there are plenty of questions and answers in this forum, and the forum that it replaced. Hopefully some searching will find you what you need.

Hmmm … wandering around the control panel I can see how to create sub-admins. I also found how to set attributes for sub-admins. What I can’t find is how to use those attributes to allow/disallow those sub-admins admin access to a specific list. Can you direct me a little more, please.

I have to admit that in some areas the attributes functions seem very odd to me. Attributes that are applied to list members so that what they receive is limited to those with a specific attribute make sense.

My functionality might be odd that I expect to have sub-admins who have control of their lists (a pastor and his church, for example, or a Crisis Center employee having control over the crisis center list for their region)

I’ve looked at the idea of having separate lists, but the same person who might want information from the Crisis Center and its happenings, might also be a member of a church and might also be on a panel at the school. It is my intention to allow our small population (app 5000 people in the county) to pick and choose the information they receive.

@Suela May have ideas here