Issue with the submitByMailPlugin v1.0b1

The current version of the plugin (1.0b1.1) will not allow manual message collection on hosting services that require you to use a different PHP binary on the command line from that used by the webserver. There will also be a problem if the command line PHP uses a different php.ini from the webserver, and that php.ini does not specify an include path where the Mail/mimeDecode.php can be found. Attempting to collect messages through the browser in this situation causes phpList to hang.

However, you can still collect messages via command line scripts. You can pipe messages into phpList or collect messages in the manner described in my article, as long as you make sure that you are using the correct version of PHP for the command line and that this PHP loads a php.ini specifying an include path where the PEAR mime decoder can be found. This may require invoking PHP with a β€˜-c’ option on the command line directly before filename for index.php. This will not conflict with the β€˜-c’ option, specifying the location of the phpList config file.

However, this will not fix the problem with message collection through the browser. That problem will be addressed in the 1.0b2 version of the plugin.

Did you consider bundling the PEAR files with the plugin? I don’t think that there is any licensing problem with that, and it would simplify the installation.
To install PEAR packages properly requires command line access, otherwise someone needs to download the package, extract the right files, put the files in the right place, etc.

I have done something similar with the IMAP plugin.