Issue with Attach and Send Test

version 3.6.10

  • When creating a campaign I can send a test msg to myself and it works ok.
  • When I click on the ATTACH tab and add a pdf or jpg less than 500kb and then go to send a test to myself, I get a FAILED message and do not receive the test.
  • I am using a hosting service and php 7.4
  • What is needed to get this working?


@philr Check the Event Log page for any error reported.

There is no event log that I can find. any idea as t where it would be located?

You find it here:

maybe there is more.

Found the log and it states that the file does not exist.
Since I browsed for the file and then did a save to system, I am assuming that something in the config file is not set properly.

My path to phpList is: root/public_html/club/phplist/public_html/lists
There is a tmp folder in each of the directories except directly under root all directories are empty

My config file has:

// set this to 1 to allow adding attachments to the mails
// caution, message may become very large. it is generally more
// acceptable to send a URL for download to users
// using attachments requires PHP 4.1.0 and up

// when using attachments you can upload them to the server
// if you want to use attachments from the local filesystem (server) set this to 1
// filesystem attachments are attached at real send time of the message, not at
// the time of creating the message

// the attachment repository is the place where the files are stored (if you use
// this needs to be writable to your webserver user
// it also needs to be a full path, not a relative one
// for secutiry reasons it is best if this directory is not public (ie below
// your website document root)
$attachment_repository = ‘/tmp’;

// if you have an SMTP server, set it here. Otherwise it will use the normal php mail() function
//# if your SMTP server is called “” you enter this below like this:
//# define(“PHPMAILERHOST”,‘’);
define(‘PHPMAILERHOST’, ‘’);

// if TEST is set to 1 (not 0) it will not actually send ANY messages, but display what it would have sent
// this is here, to make sure you edited the config file and mails are not sent “accidentally”
// on unmanaged systems
define(‘TEST’, 0);

You should create a directory purely to hold attachments then change this setting. /tmp is a system directory and likely to be emptied by the system. It may work for some installations but probably not for yours.