Is there a welcome email after importing?

I import email addresses to my subscriber lists twice a month without the need to confirm.
I’d like to send a Welcome email to each new email address automatically.

I haven’t seen any way other than creating a welcome subscriber list. Add email addresses and requeue.
Is that the way to go?

I also get people subscribing and updating thei email address on their own.
I would need to display that welcome email?

@StevenSchlossman You need to send a campaign. Depending on what exactly you want to do, you don’t need to create a new list but can use the Segment plugin instead.

If you don’t mind sending the welcome email to people who are already subscribed then just create a campaign and requeue that daily. It will be sent first to all subscribers then each day to those who joined in the previous day.

If you want to avoid sending the campaign to existing subscribers then try using the Segment plugin. Create a condition on “Date signed up to phplist” with an operator “after interval” of say 1 day. Then requeue that campaign each day. It will be sent only to people who subscribed and confirmed, or were imported, in the previous day.

Thank you. I will read up on the segment list plug in.