Is there a way to modify the unsubscribe / preferences etc. pages?

Is there a way to modify the unsubscribe / preferences (lists/?p=unsubscribe, lists/?p=preferences) etc. pages? At first I assumed changing the fields “Header of public pages” and “Footer of public pages” on the settings page would take care of that but it seems like it doesn’t.

Never mind, found the solution myself.

In case anyone else has the same question: The unsubscribe / preferences etc. pages are linked to the (default) subscribe page, so you have to change the latter in order to change the former. The “Header/Footer of public pages” fields on the settings page are only used when you create a new subscribe page.

I had the same problem as yours, but when I update the default subscribe page, than the “preferences” page did not changed!

Any idea how to solve this?

thank you

@giovannigasparerighi Each subscribe page, not just the default subscribe page, has its own header and footer html. Those are copied from the values on the Settings page when you create the subscribe page.

If you then want to change the layout then all subscribe pages need to be changed, as well as the values on the Settings page.