Is "Reply-to email address for system messages" broken on 3.6.14, or am I misunderstanding?


In Config → Settings → transactional settings, the “Reply-to email address for system messages” is the “address that should be used when recipients reply to system messages”, according to the documentation at documentation:configuration [phpList Resources]

My understanding is that “system messages” are the messages the system sends to end users to confirm their subscription, welcome them, say goodbye, notify change of details, etc.

However, a Reply-to header is NOT getting added to any of those messages in the installation I’ve just set up.

Is this potentially a bug in 3.6.14, or am I misunderstanding the application of this setting?

It would be advantageous to have a Reply-to address on the types of system messages mentioned above, because the system messages are being sent FROM noreply@lists.mydomain – which I’m certain is a common configuration – and in the event that a user hits reply to an automated message, it would be preferred to have that reply go to the company’s regular human-monitored inbox.

Thank you for your attention!

~ John C.

@john_c You are right, the header is not added. Looking at the code, it seems to have been like this for a long time.

You can make a small change to file admin/lib.php to add a Reply-To header using that configuration setting
After line 571 which should be

$mail->Sender = $GLOBALS['message_envelope'];

add this

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