Is it possible to set https:// by default in link menu?

Hello, members

Is it possible to set https:// type by default in the link window?
And Is it possible to remove news:// and ftp:// protocol from the list?
(Does anyone uses news:// protocol now?) :thinking:

I tested phplist 3.5.3

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Depending on the link you paste, it will use automatically change to https. Also, generally sites using https will load even if the url uses http but vice-versa won’t work.


@hiroyuki-sato you can change the default with a ckeditor configuration setting

To see how to add custom settings for ckeditor follow the documentation link for the ckeditor plugin on the Manage Plugins page.

Hello, @Suela and @duncanc

Thank you for your reply. I tried customization. I succeed to change color like the attached image.
But, I can’t change Default URL protocol (using: config.linkDefaultProtocol).
The document says this parameter support after CKEditor 4.13.0.

Does PHPlist use CKEditor 4.13.0 and above?

Anyway, @Suela’s recommendation way seems good. I just use the copy & paste URL.

@hiroyuki-sato You are probably using ckeditor 4.10.1 but you can easily choose a later version on the Settings page in the ckeditor group


After making that ckeditor configuration change the default prototcol changed to https://

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Hello, @duncanc
Thank you for your advice.
I tried CKEditor 4.14.1 and succeed to set https:// by default.

Could you tell me one more thing?
Does this URL of ckeditor.js parameter store in the database, correct?

Is it possible to store CLI or something?
(I would like to use Ansible for those configurations.)

@hiroyuki-sato All the fields on the Settings page are stored in the phplist_config table. The ckeditor fields are named ckeditor_xxx.

Hello, @duncanc. Thank you for your reply!

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