Is it possible to send 30k+ emails in 10 to 20 mins?

I am using Amazon SES SMTP that has a limit of 288,000 emails per hour with a cronjob to process my emails. In theory, with that limit, I could send at most of 48,000 emails in 10mins. I was wondering if it is possible to send 30k of emails in just 10 mins with my current config:


That means PHPLIST would send it as fast as it could, but I could only send at least 7,800 emails per 10 mins. Are there any possible configuration to make it faster?

Edit: Maybe if you’re wondering if my problem is with my hardware but it only cost me 10-15% of CPU and 10% of memory usage.

@arnoldfudolig You could try using the SES API instead of SMTP. That can be done with core phplist, by setting values in config.php , or by using the Amazon SES plugin

The plugin additionally supports sending several emails concurrently, which should increase the sending rate.

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Sorry for the late reply. Oh yeah, I didn’t notice that, how did I missed that. I’ll have to read it first, will report back. Thanks @duncanc

I have tested around 60k of emails and set concurrently to ‘32’, it sends around 30mins. I think it is enough, Thanks for the plugin @duncanc!

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