Is it possible to migrate email's between lists

Hi to everyone

First of all I want to thanks everyone who is involved in this project. I’m at the beginning of the phplist journey and have some simple questions.

  1. I have latest version installed on my own mail server – is there some good settings for how much mail / minutes phplist is able to manage without a problem? (I’ll be using domain throttle – which btw is really great future). Will send about 1mln emails weekly (maximum).

  2. Is there any solutions / plugin to manage lists and email addresses, let me give an example:
    I have two list’s – first is empty list “newsletter” and second, let’s call it “business”. I’m sending campaign to business with subscribe page and ask them: Do You want to receive monthly newsletter from me? If yes please use link (there will be subscribe page which will add email to “newsletter” list). Everything is fine but I don’t want to have this address any longer in my “business” list? As far as I check it, email will be listed in two mentioned lists. Is there any chance to point list “newsletter” and command to unsubscribe those addresses from any others lists?

  3. Subscriber pages – If there is multiple how can I add to campaign specific one (let’s with id 12)? It’s possible to get the link to it by http://website/lists - but maybe there is another solutions?

Thanks in advance for suggestions

My advise would be to make a page on your site which just says “thank you” or something and then use click tracking to move over the subscribers to the new list. You export a list of clickers and paste them into the new list. They can’t be unsubscribed from the other list so easily though. You could use list exclude instead.

Look at your list(s) and make a note of the list id and use:
http://website/lists/?p=subscribe&id=1 and the link will go straight to your subscribe page. In my example, they would be directed to my first list’s actual subscribe page.

Thank you for replay – subscriber pages is clear to me. Also found solution for moving
emails between lists – first of all You have to export emails from (for example)
“newsletter”. Then you have to delete them with subscribers command. At the and
import them to one desired list. From now on all of this emails is only in one
list. Of course we lose all the history but in my point of view it’s necessary (with
my business). Exclude function is nice but in my case I would have to use it
from the begging and with 99% of my campaigns (which could lead to simple
mistakes managing big lists).

P.s Is there a possibility to rise 100kb limitation for images in html message (using class=“inline”)

This app is what I needed – thank you all for your time and work to create it.


If you are familiar with SQL commands and have direct access to the database, you can ‘move’ the subscriber by editing the phplist_listuser table, which contains a listing of userid-listid mappings.

P.s Is there a possibility to rise 100kb limitation for images in html message (using class=“inline”)

Found it in config - config/configure “Limit for size of attached inline images in kB”