Invite users to confirm (plugin)

Regarding the invite plugin at
This is with the latest version of PHPList.

I have configured a Subscribe Page (id 3) which gives radio buttons for selecting lists and HTML/Text.
And Config > Settings > Subscribe page for invitation responses is set to 3

I imported some new users to an empty list - “Invitees”

I looked in the db and these invited users have a value of 3 for subscribepage.

I send the email.

When I click the Confirmation URL in the email I get taken directly to a Thank You page (instead of Subscribe page 3).

Also noted that the user in question is still only subscribed to the “Invitees” list.

Thank you.

@jimlongo That looks to be the correct behaviour.

The purpose of the plugin is to replace the usual two stage subscribe process. As you imported subscribers into phplist then the first stage has already been done. The second stage of the confirmation request email is replaced by the special campaign that you sent.

Okay, then is there a way I can put the radio button selection of lists into the special campaign.

The documentation says it should send subscribpage 3 on confirmation, but that isn’t happening.

I don’t know what Lists they’re interested in, I want them to choose on confirmation.

I don’t think that it does indicate that. The reference to subscribe page under the Advanced Options section of the documentation is for the “welcome” email that will be sent. It does explain that you can specify another list to which those who respond will be added but you cannot give a choice of lists.

Then can I ask if you have a solution to this problem.

We have a list of people. We don’t know which mailing list they may want to subscribe to.

We want to give them an opportunity (an invite) to subscribe to one or more, or remain (blacklisted, unconfirmed, etc.,).

@jimlongo You can send an ordinary campaign that shows the lists that are available. But you would then need to make the subscribers confirmed and not blacklisted, which goes against people’s request to not receive any emails from you.