Invite plugin - CONFIRMATIONURL doesn't work

I try to use your INVITE PLUGIN ( for phplist 3.0.12,

I added [CONFIRMATIONURL] to campaign; I set INVITE during sending email and after sending email users are added to Blacklist. But when user click the link the user is still blacklisted.

Any idea?

They didn’t receive Welcome to our newsletter also.

Any idea? Maybe other Invite plugin?

The problem of the welcome email not being sent is a reported problem, see

For me problem that welcome email not being sent is OK, but all solution doesn’t work and it is main problem. Any idea?

I have updated that issue to reflect that the subscriber remains blacklisted.
The problem needs to be addressed by the plugin developer but as a work-around you can try modifying the plugin code so that the subscriber is marked unconfirmed as well as blacklisted

after line 108

addUserToBlackList($userdata['email'],s('Blacklisted by the invitation plugin'));


Sql_Query(sprintf('update %s set confirmed = 0 where email = "%s"',$GLOBALS["tables"]["user"],$userdata['email']));

This might make phplist process the confirmation, as currently it is being ignored.

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Thank you man! Perfect solution!

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@Dragonrider - here it is