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Introducing the new phpList manual

Hello phpList community!

The manual is the place to find all essential information a self-hosted user needs; how to install the software, how to configure it and of course how to start sending!

A few days ago the new phpList manual was launched with updated content and new screenshots from the admin dashboard. Please find the manual here:

Broken URLs
Due to the use of this software to build the new manual some links to the manual pages seem to be broken (Including the manual pages linked on the admin dashboard). This is temporary and is expected to be fixed very soon!!

You can check in detail what the new manual features in the blog:



@mariana The new manual appears not to have an approval step for changes. That leaves it open to abuse, see the “New Page” at the bottom of the main page

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Thanks for letting me know @duncanc. I just deleted the page you are talking about. Thanks for editing the manual.

The idea is that registered users can create content for the manual in order to improve it. Unfortunately Bookstack, the software used for the manual, does not offer the option to make “suggestions”.


@mariana when I view revisions the page looks weird, as if it badly formatted. It is not really possible to see the actual changes. Is this a known problem?


The Bookstack site has a demo database. On that the revisions seem to display correctly

We noticed a format problem when exporting a page but not on the Revisions. We’ve created a GitHub issue on their repo for that. Thanks for reporting this. Any idea what the problem might be?

@mariana Looks to be this issue

It appears that an older version of php tidy is required.

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