Integration with WordPress in 2023?

Hello all!

I’m attempting to integrate PHPList with my existing WordPress site. I see there are a few WordPress plugins available but they are outdated.

I’m going to attempt to create a subscription management plugin where users can subscribe, unsubscribe, and manage their subscriptions within a single WordPress shortcode. We operate a media site with paid memberships and constant lead generation. So I also want to integrate with other plugins like JetPack and SpeakOut.

My idea is to bypass PHPlist altogether and use Ajax and PHP to query the database.

Is there a solution already available? Is there a reason why I shouldn’t do this?

Thank you

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@AZBackroads The wordpress plugins that you referred to are simply to display a subscribe form on a wordpress page, not to integrate with wordpress user management. I don’t know of any existing development in that area.

You might want to look at the restapi plugin plugin:restapi [phpList Resources] which will probably provide all of the phplist subscriber management functions that you will need. Otherwise you can add or extend it.

I specifically signed up to say how effing ridiculous this is!

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This plugin I would pay for. Have you made progress on this?