Integration with full PM/CRM/ERP solutions (Redmine, Kanboard, SuiteCRM, Tryton, Postbooks, etc)

Has anybody integrated phpList with any of the following free software products:

  • project management tools (e.g. Redmine, Kanboard)
  • CRM/ERP suites (Tryton, SuiteCRM, Postbooks, Adempiere)

Can anybody share feedback, comments or advice about such integrations?

Hi @pocock, Iā€™m not aware of any integrations. Dan

Basically no, unfortunately. There are some very outdated integrations with sugarcrm and drupal, but unfortunately they have not been functional for years AFAIK.

However as the REST API gains more functionality, such integrations should be easy to write. Already there are enough supported actions for some level of integration.