Installing phplist behind a firewall


I just installed phplist and I noticed that is trying to connect to the internet.

I have read in the forum that there is some functionality like checking for updates, news, etc that required phplist to call back home, which is fine.

however, I can only enable Internet access to production servers via a proxy which will filter the requrest URLs.

I could not find a parameter in either config.php or extended config for setting up a proxy,

How can I setup a proxy for phplist?

There is no configuration setting for setting up a proxy server, within phpList.

Your general approach is to set the fqdn of the phpList machine to the fqdn of the proxy server, and when the click urls/unsubscribe urls arrive at the proxy server, have that machine forward them to phpList machine…

The setting for the fqdn of the phpList machine is “Config”/“Settings”/“Website address (without http://)”

The phpList machine will send responses to these urls, so make sure that’s possible, too.

Reverse proxy (for handling incoming requests) is not the problem. That seems to be working.

The problem is the outgoing requests from phpList.

PhpList is making a number of HTTP/S calls, for example requesting RSS Feeds from

I dont know how to set a proxy for those requests.

The problem is that then I would need to enable full HTTPS internet access from our phplist server. Unless we can restrict by IPs or URLs requested (via proxy whitelisting).

@rvalle The outgoing requests will be to or (or maybe a subdomain of those) so whitelisting might be the simplest approach.

This serverfault topic has two suggestions - use an environment variable, or use stream_context_set_default() to set a default proxy.

an environment variable is not very convenient for us.

stream_context_set_default() I presume is a PHP function. In which file would you suggest to use it?

In the config.php?

@rvalle See which has an example of setting the default proxy.

You should be able to add the code to the config.php file.


I had the same issue.
Setting the environment variable is not working at all.

To solve the issue in config.php :

$default_opts = array(

Thanks! I will give it a try.