Installing PHPLIST alongside PHPBB

Hi Folks, I’ve just installed PHPLIST in my root folder which PHPBB is also in. For some reason the PHPLIST install failed and drew a blank page, even though I filled out the config.php, and updated with a change of name of the root folder by adding the following:

$pageroot = ‘/newfolder/’;
$adminpages = ‘/newfolder/admin’;

any ideas on how I can prevent problems with these 2 apps running in the same root folder? each has it’s own separate DB.


@Gary101 Your description is inconsistent. The “root folder” means the top level directory of the web site. But the config.php entries indicate that you have installed phplist in /newfolder

thanks for the nudge on that, Duncanc… yes. PHPBB is in the public_html folder and PHPLIST is in the “newfolder” inside the public_html folder.