Install failed to create tables

Respected peers… I have a new install of phplist and it wont fire up.

I go to /admin/ and get “Database has not been initialised. go to Initialise Database to continue”

I click the link, fill in the details, hit continue and it flashes up a scrren then returns to the same screen.

I have built a new database, added a user, filled in the config.php, checked paths etc etc.

I have other things running on this serve without problems, I have installed run the same version of phplist on other servers, I cant get this one to work.

Any ideas appreciated!

Hi, just to check you have followed all the instructions here:

HI Anna, Thanks for your reply. I have infact done all that and it gets as far as “The final steps” - “Click Initialise Database and fill out the form.” where I fill in the details but it never gets past this screen.

Im going to re install it if no one has a better idea!

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Sounds odd, unfortunate I a not an expert - if your config.php is correct then I don’t know. I would wait a bit though and see who else helps out :slight_smile:

I know what the problem is!

Beleve it or not, its rejecting my email address!!!

The domain Im setting up is, my email address…

Thats a BUG.

Hi, ok, can you report this bug?

No luck with changing emails @FetBook just try severals including our client’s regular .COM and no luck… by the way @anna I am installig for a .life domain… any chance this would be a bug? the fact that is a NEW domain?

Thanks for the attention,

mmm, possible, I am not sure of the status of this, I know there have been issues in the past with new domains but I don’t think that would apply to installing…