Install Complete now where?

So I have phplist installed on my home server where are the next lot of instructions to configure it? 1. setup your ability to send mail

Got this error when i tried to sign myself up for newslwtter
Sorry. Sending the email to request your confirmation failed.
Please click “Reload” (or the “BACK” button on your browser) to try
again. If it still does not work, it may be because you are
inadvertantly on an exclusionary list; which means that you cannot
receive emails from our newsletter system. If you receive this message
again, please contact our administrator at:
onlinesubscriptionmanager@***.com. We will investigate and re-contact

Take a look at the manual,

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quite a few hours later … this is really hard
should come with a warning LOL
I always find I get so close sometimes then its like the programmers put stumbling blocks in to keep the dumb people out.
still working on the mail out issue3 hours now

I am one of the dumb people :smiley: My standard advise is always “use” and then maybe “spend your time on the campaigns themselves, not the software” and of course “deliverability is hard, let do it for you” :smiley: