inlineImages - should it still work?

should the inlineImages ülugin still work with version 3.0.12?
because I cant seem to get it to work…

thanks in advance

Not sure, can you describe the issue with more precision - what does not work (and what was okay)



hi anna,

the images dont get embedded. They are still only images with the full server URL. (and not displayed in the email clients)
The image is <100kb (which is a plugin restriction) and it does not matter if the image is in the template or in the Content or in a ContentArea. The image despite it having the class=“inline” is never embedded in the mail. Not in testmails and not when processing a list.

kind regards

It seems the problem is connected to the contentArea Plugin. I had to remove it and now embedding seems to work.
But now there is an issue in combination with the view browser plugin. The page that gets viewed in the browser now displays no image because there you have only an img src=“CID:…”.
Is there a way to get the view browser plugin to display the e-mail before images get embedded?

There’s no guarantee that plugins, especially advanced ones such as inline images or content area, are going to work together perfectly.

I suggest that you don’t use inline images but instead use the core phplist functionality of embedding images in the template.

Yeah, I know. But this makes phpList basically unusable for basic users. Because they will not be able to create a new template every time the header image changes. Furthermore I just tried the procedure explained at but it just does not work at all…

Hey, well there are two things. 1) should not change that often, it’s usually just a logo… maybe a new one for xmas? 2) if you follow the docs described (link below) then replacing the image with one of a similar size is really really easy.

Hey, these are the very old docs, they are slowly being removed one by one.

Try this then this

The process described here really is easy for newbies. Once the system is set up (which can be done by someone else) they never have to touch html again :smile:

Well the header images we use change for every newsletter we send… so we would have to create a template for each newsletter. ContentArea plugin would solve the problem if images would be embedded if included in the “body” of the mail instead of only the template.

The quickest way of doing this for you right now, assuming your templates use something like image.jpg to mark where the banner should go, is this

  1. open your old template
  2. don’t touch anything
  3. click save
  4. you will be asked to upload an image or use the same one: upload the new one.

It won’t take long, and it does solve your issue.