Increase Sending Rate

I try to set phplist for sent out as fast as possible but I can’t sent more than 2 500 msg/hr…
I set:
no link track, set the cron, use command line for queue and have 16Go RAM with 4 core dedied based debian…
I optimyzed mysql conf file too…

Before version 3.3.1 we can send more than 30 000 msg/hr…
Some one have any ideas or tips ?
Thx again

each email is generated individually, and various data is logged into the database for each message, and it is sent out via your smtp settings.

if your computer is not running full speed, or is io bound, or the database is slow, then those will cause the system to spend time in a wait state. (top, iostat, mytop).

You can also look at the smtp server log to see what’s going on… it could be only ‘x’ number of simultaneous connections are allowed, and that is throttling the sending.

What Dan said, and also check your database performance. DNS lookups or MySQL performance are often the primary bottlenecks.