In the API call 'subscriberAdd', does confirmed=1 mean the confirmation request email won't be sent?

In the parameter array of the REST API call ‘subscriberAdd’, does “confirmed=1” mean the confirmation request email will not be sent? That would be exactly what I want, control over whether the confirmation request is sent or not, depending on whether the user is subscribing as part of registering an account on my site (in which case they will already get a confirmation email, so I don’t want to send 2 of them).

Or should I use ‘listSubscriberAdd’ without sending a confirmation email?

I’m evaluating using PHPList with my existing website because ActiveCampaign, which I currently use, no longer works with my newly-upgraded PHP 5.6, and is no longer supported unless I go to their hosted version, which I can’t afford. I’m hoping to do a fairly simple replace of ActiveCampaign’s API calls with PHPList’s API calls i my site code - but I’m sure it won’t be simple!


@hollycochran I don’t think that any of the api functions send the confirmation request email.
The function listSubscriberAdd only adds an existing subscriber to a list.

Also the plugin for phplist 3 is no longer supported,

so you would be on your own if you find something doesn’t work.

Thanks for the warning. So, before I put in a bunch of work on integrating API calls into my site code, generally how stable is the API - does it work? And are my API calls likely to continue to work when the new API comes out or will I have to rewrite everything?

Re confirmation, it looks like ‘subscribe’ sends the confirmation email, so I would do that first, then add the subscriber to a list. I’m not used to that being 2 separate steps; it’s just a different paradigm for list management, I guess.

@hollycochran Version 1 of the REST API has many more calls (more functionality) and has been more extensively tested and used in production environments. However it has also been unmaintained for some time. Version 2 of the API is work in progress and part of the larger phpList 4 project. The roadmap for V2 can be gleaned from the phpList 4 Architecture overview and the phpList 4 task list.

From memory I don’t think that either REST API v1 or v2 sends confirmation emails after API-triggered subscriptions. This could probably be added with relative to REST API v1 if you are motivated to do so. V2 is currently being ported to Doctrine ORM library and it’s not yet ready to add such a feature.

Hope that helps.

Please @mention me to get my attention when you need specifics about the APIs.

Hi @samtuke, I am in a similar situation to @hollycochran. I need to send confirmation email to users added via API v2. Currently I have not found any way to do it. Neither, how to include the needed code to wide API v2 functionality to get access to config table and send emails.
Is there any reasonable (easy) way to include this functionality in API v2, or should I think to use API v1 instead?

Many thanks

Hey @somms, I’ve moved on from phpList, (though I still use it regularly). You’d probably do better asking someone else.

That said, if API V2 doesnt support confirmation emails yet natively, it might work to set an automatically requeing campaign to all unconfirmed subscribers which includes the confirmation URL. Not sure how to get around that phpList won’t want to send campaigns to unconfirmed subscribers.

Perhaps you could automatically mark them as confirmed upon subscription, also add them to a list eg “needs confirmation”, and then send them an automatically requeing campaign with the confirmation URL. Just an idea. At least these options are all doable using only the web UI AFAICS.

@mariana or @duncanc might have other ideas. Good luck!

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