Importing / Updating a large number of subscribers (50.000+)

Dear community,

I am currently running into the problem that it is impossible to import / update a CSV list of subscribers that is larger than 5.000 entries. The import always stops at approximately 5.000 and doesn’t continue. (Maybe a timeout?)

We are exporting our user data from our database in CSV format to import new users and update (overwrite) the info of existing users before we send out each newsletter. Now that we have a large number of subscribers we are running into issues.

Is there a fix or workaround for importing such a large number or subscribers?

Thanks in advance!

@stevest The Subscribers plugin has a command line import that might not be so affected by php or web server timeouts. See for details.
Otherwise you might just have to split the file into several smaller ones of 5,000 or fewer subscribers.