Importing subscribers from CRM software

Hello Support Team,

I’m having some trouble importing data from our crm software. Through a function in our software we only export the customer e-mails who opted in for our newsletter. How can I match a list from our crm software to a list that is already imported in phplist?

Let’s say: I already have a filled subscriber list in phplist. Then I would import a list from our crm software monthly in phplist. The e-mails that are in the crm list get imported, the ones that are in the phplist but not in the crm list get deleted or blacklisted. Is there a way to do that?

Thanks in advance.

@ffranco phplist does not synchronise the data in the way that you describe. You will have to manually remove the subscribers that you do not want.

One way is to have a temporary list. First move all subscribers from the main list to the temporary list, then import into the main list. The main list then contains only people who are in the CRM and the temporary list contains everyone who has ever been in the CRM.
Alternatively remove all subscribers from the main list, then after importing, the people who are not in the CRM will not belong to any list.

What I usually do is import a generated list of emails into a a new list. I have a lot of lists that have been generated into the phpList database, but it’s an easy way to keep track of who received which email campaign.