Import Subscriber list does not complete

Used to use phpList about 3 years ago, so not a complete novice.

Installed fresh install and tried to import a CSV file containing mail and a foreign key field (username)

Import works perfectly till say 300 entries and then just stops, ie no activity in browser and if check tables via phpmyadmin, there is no activity either. If try again, it may get to say 400 entries and same non responsive state. Each time it will advance around 100 more entries than previous attempt.

Any ideas where to begin troubleshooting?

Using 3.4.3 .

Welcome to the forum @Skybound!

It may be a timeout or memory limit issue. Check your php.ini settings and try increasing the limits. Importing subscribers can take a long time as each address is validated, including DNS lookups.

Thanks Samtuke

Lifted the max_execution_time in the php config on our hosted, managed, dedicated server to 10 minutes and managed to get to 4 500 records before it became non responsive. This does indicate that is moving in the correct direction.

However on a local, temporary windows apache server, the max_execution_time is 30 seconds yet all 25 000 records import no issue.

Interesting also the windows installation shows progress updates where the hosted server install does not.

This makes no sense.

Running the import faster locally may be due to more computing resources like CPU being available, or it may be due to local DNS settings, for example a cached DNS file. On your remote server the DNS lookups may have to be done individually in real time. You can debug this if you want to by looking at where the Script is hanging. I’m not sure why you’re not getting updates to the progress. That maybe server resources related too.