Import export question

I exported my list, removed misbehaving phpList from the server, and then reinstalled a shinny new phpList and imported the list. But what about unconfirmed, unsubscribed, and blacklisted subscribers? I think that data was missing, so I sent a new campaign to everyone including ( again I think) to people who were previously blacklisted (oh the shame of it) asking everyone to unsubscribe again, if they needed to.

  1. Did that blacklisted data get imported?
  2. Wouldn’t it make sense to bulk delete everyone except confirmed subscribers before exporting (If only I knew how)?

@bbookghost Your exported data should have included columns for confirmed and blacklisted, but I think that those are ignored when importing.

You can extract the unconfirmed and the blacklisted (open the exported file in a spreadsheet and either sort or filter to get those you want), then use the suppression list page, menu Subscribers > Suppression list, to update those subscribers to either unconfirmed or blacklisted. On that page ‘make suppression permanent’ means make blacklisted.

Or use the Subscribers plugin, see which provides similar functionality.

Thanks for the helpful instructions duncanc.
I’m saving them for if this event should occur again.