Import CSV Permissions error in error

I can import CSV lists of subscribers but my installation notes the following

The temporary directory for uploading (C:\Windows\temp) is not writable, so import will fail

But it still works no problem. Is there a variable to configure to make the temp location root? Or is this a know issue as it could cause people to not try uploading thinking it may not work…

add this to your config.php file if it is not already there.

# tmpdir. A location where phplist can write some temporary files if necessary
# Make sure it is writable by your webserver user, and also check that you have
# open_basedir set to allow access to this directory. Linux users can leave it as it is.
# this directory is used for all kinds of things, mostly uploading of files (like in
# import), creating PDFs and more

# On Linux based systems, it will be good to make sure this directory is on the same
# filesystem as your phpList installation. In some systems, renaming files or directories
# across filesystems fails.

$tmpdir = '/tmp';

Another local installation (Laragon).
I got the same error, but with no directory shown in the message.
On investigation, I find that that import2 page is checking the existence of $GLOBALS[‘tmpdir’].
and $GLOBALS[‘tmpdir’] = ini_get(‘upload_tmp_dir’);
In my case this was empty as was not set in php.ini and so should be using the system default.
Since this is an installation with multiple php and apps running on it with almost no need for fiddling-per-app, I was surprised that this was a new issue.

So, my question is, why is it using “upload_tmp_dir” and not using the $tmpdir = ‘/tmp’; value from the config, and so keeping everything “in-house”.