Implementation with Proton Account (SMTP)

Hey everyone,

SO - I am attempting to get phpList set up on my VPS and send/receive emails using my Proton account. I have a paid Proton account, but not paid well enough for access to SMTP server information. By default, Proton does not support implementation with third parties – unless, of course, you give them lots of money.

I, however, don’t have lots of money. So I need another solution. I suspect another solution exists, because for a period of time, I was using the paid phpList hosted service (from, and had no issue whatsoever sending/receiving emails through my Proton account.

Worth mentioning: It is possible to use Proton with third party applications by utilizing ProtonBridge. However, ProtonBridge requires a GUI to access the majority of the settings. That makes things complicated when dealing with a VPS. ProtonBridge does offer a command line interface, but it is not well-maintained, and does not offer access to SMTP information. At least not to my knowledge. I spent two straight days trying to get Bridge to work on my VPS via the command line interface, and made very little progress.

Does anyone have any ideas on what I could do to get this working?