Images not displaying - Not in Message Source When Testing


I have the newest version of PHPList (© phpList ltd. - v3.6.0). Although this used to work, the ability to show images is no longer working.

I have tried to embed the image from a URL, and I’ve tried to use the upload feature (which uploads and creates no error).

Yet, when I send a test message… my text is there, but my photo is not. I looked at the source of the message, and no code to display the message.

What am I doing wrong?

@blackvault Can you add a screenshot of what you are actually seeing?

Just want to update everyone, as I’ve seen this issue posted prior with no answers.

The problem was my admin account (which I send “test” messages to) somehow got switched to ASCII and not HTML newsletters. I recall PHPList always sending two copies, one ASCII and one HTML when testing, but maybe I’m either crazy or that feature was dropped.

That said, I figured out that once I turned my email to HTML, it would receive it properly.

I feel dumb now, but am posting this here for others who may run into the same problem. Again, I recall PHPList once sending TWO test messages prior to running a campaign. That feature seems like it should get recalled :slight_smile: