Image upload in server


I am facing a issue with image upload in editor. It was working fine earlier before the updation. But now it is not showing browse server option.

i also having this setting in my config.php


@wontonesaju There should be an explanation beneath the editor window

Image browsing is not available because directory …

ensure that the directory /phplist/uploadimages exists and is writeable by the web server.

its writable 777 permission


still i cant see any upload option.

@wontonesaju Can you clarify which editor plugin you are using? fckeditor or ckeditor?

ckeditor by default one

@wontonesaju You didn’t confirm whether there is a message underneath the main editor window. Is there a message displayed?

Also, you didn’t explain how you updated phplist. If you used the automatic updater then, depending on your previous version of phplist, there might be a problem with the ckeditor plugin not being updated. See this earlier topic Cannot Browse Server After upgrading to 3.5.5 - #11 by duncanc

i updated my ckeditor. Now upload option is coming but file is not uploading to the directory. Even it having a 777 permission.

I don’t understand what you mean by this.
If you use the Browse Server button, does that show the directory contents correctly?

directory content with broken images. i can share one video with you after my work.