If the line are to long line break added + FCKeditor combine my line

Dear I have a big issue with phpList for a while and hope you can help me.

I made all my campaign, first with a text editor as notepad or sublimetext.
Then I past it, in “New Campaign” in “source”

But the problem is the fact that when I’m sending message , phplist add me some break line when the line are too long.
So the message are broke, as the break can happen any where.
For example:
"…< img src="h
So as you can guess the image doesn’t display.

So I tried to make shorter line from editor, but when I copy/past to phplist. The Phplist editor (FCKeditor) combine the line.

Hi, did you try the other editor https://resources.phplist.com/plugins/start - the CKeditor

I tried and still the same.
The only way i find is to wrap inline element by block element.
instead of:

<a href="1"[...]>1[...]</a><a href="2"[...]>2[...]</a>[...]

I have to do

<div class="inline-box"><a href="1" [...]>1[...]</a></div>
<div class="inline-box"><a href="2"[...]>2[...]</a></div>


Might be worth making a bug report? Info at www.phplist.org/users

Thanks, I’ll try to report it as soon I have time