If I put new emailadresses in a list will they be send in an active campaign?



I have made a campaign that is already active and sending trough a cronjob.

I want ot ad some emailadresses to that emaillist that is used for the campaign that is already sending.

Can it be done so the also receive the message?

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Add the addresses once your cron job has completed, then re-run the cron to send the message again. The message will only be sent to those addresses that have not already received it.

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What will happen if I choose to import them during the job?

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It doubt it would work, but it’s nothing I’ve tried personally.

As I understand things, phpList queues the emails to be sent at the start of the send, if you then add more emails to the list, then phpList will probably ignore them and you’d have to re-send the message once the cron has completed when the crom will send only the new addresses.

In the scheduling tab (when setting up your email), there are two entries where you can control all of this:
1.) Requeue until: this will look for those newly imported emails, and add to the campaign. You would give it a date when to stop requeue-ing.
2.) Requeue every: this specifies how often to requeue… once a day, an hour, etc.