I would like to tag subscribers who clicked on a specific link

I would like to tag automatically subscribers who clicked on a specific link. Is it possible?

Mayby subscribers could be move to another list? Any ideas? :smile:

You need to explain exactly what you want to do with those subscribers, but phplist doesn’t provide a way of grouping in that way.

You can see who has clicked a particular link, but it would be a manual task to put those into a new list or give them a new attribute.

I really like use the PHPlist to send a messages :slight_smile: . Now I would like to automatically segment of subscribers according to their interests due to clicks in messages

Hi, so it’s not automatically possible but it’s easy to do, really fast.

For example if you want to target people who open a specific campaign, go to the open statistics for that campaign, export the data, select the email column and copy-paste the email into a new list :smile:


Thank you :slight_smile: . Perhaps The PHPlist developers would think about this feature? That would be the something like marketing automation :slight_smile:

I have another idea, and probably easy to do.
In view MEMBERSHIP LIST (Members of the newsletter) on the right side we see the TAG, below the "Actions"
Could developers add something like this to the view VIEW Opens and CAMPAIGN CLICK STATISTICS in Statistics?

Hi, you can request a feature via the bug reporting method listed on phpList.org developers page

I’m sory, I can’t find the bug reporting. Could You give me a link?

sure https://www.phplist.org/development/#bugreport


I am also interested in this kind of marketing automation function because this would be one of the most powerful tools. I would like to send Reminder-E-Mails if people did not click onto a specific link in an Email (Ideally the E-mails would be send by the autoresponder-plugin).

I think it may be tricky to combine the Autoresponder-plugin-functions with the Segmentation-Functions.

As Krzysztof described the “who clicked which link”-information are there, but the segmentation would have to be extended…
Also currently you can only select finished Campaigns from the “Send”-folder in the Segmentation-Tab; it is not possible to select E-Mail-Click-Infos from the E-Mails in the “Draft”-Folder [because Draft-Folder is needed for Autoresponder-messages].

The Autoresponder plugin now leaves the campaign status as Sent instead of changing it to Draft, so you should upgrade your plugin for that.

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