I want to a Drupal Module

I am planning a Drupal Module for the on premises versions (self hosted) of phpList 3.6.4.
The docs I found are only for SOAP. I would rather have REST.
My goals:

  1. Be able to post new campaign messages from Drupal, including scheduling
  2. Users can manage their newsletters they want to read
  3. Read results
    I just see very limited calls to PHPList

What is my solution, do I need to build my own plugin ?

@scottwolpow The REST API plugin will do some of what you describe, see plugins:start [phpList Resources]

The REST Api is deprecated,
. Is it in core or a shipped plugin?
Where would I find documentation on posting a new message for a campaign and to schedule it?

@scottwolpow The phpunit tests show how to create a campaign. The steps are

  • create the campaign
  • add the list to the campaign
  • update the campaign to set the status to “submitted”

You will probably need to look at the source code of the plugin in order to understand which parameters are required.

I am using the deprecated plugin, the built in or I use the one for 4.0 and set up a Phplist 4.0 instance?

@scottwolpow I don’t understand what you mean. Use the plugin that I referred to earlier.

This one marked deprecated?

@scottwolpow Yes use that.

Thanks I shall use that.