I wanna switch from interspire newsletter, many bugs

I am not satisfied with interspire. It got so bad it does not send out autoresponders anymore.
Also does not process bounce emails at all.

So maybe it is time to use this program…
Do autoresponders work? What is the inbox rate?

I have a cap of max 500 emails per hour, so how to setup that?
Love you all, thanks


How many mails do you send each month? You could use phpList.com :wink:


i dont want to pay for ending emails, that is why i use phplist not aweber

Ok, but bear in mind that getting good deliverability with any bulk mailer is an art from :slight_smile: It requires a lot of work, skills and time.

There is a plugin for autoresponders, and you set up bounce processing yourself according to your desires (there is a chapter in the manual to help)

In self hosted you assure this yourself. You can throttle domains, but on a shared IP it’s affected by what other people are doing too (which is out of your control) and you will need to deal with any blocks or blacklisting yourself.

This is possible to set up, its in the config file. It’s a prettey slow speed though no?